Top best security systems

Top 5 best home security system in 2017

Hikvision Camera

hikvision camera

Hikvisionhome security ,will make o make a smart home available for everyone. It lets you control your home security system from the comforts of your home. It is an application called Presence. It turns your iPhone or iPad into a spare WiFi video camera. It supports video clips and web browser support. You can view multiple security cameras from the application. They will add smart plugs and robotic camera holders. This will enable turning the light on or off. It can turn the heat up when no one is present.

Juan Camera

juan camera

Juan home has camera motion detectors that let you view your activities at home from your phone ,iPhone or android. You can capture stunning HD images and videos from the comes standard wit wireless security systems that allow You to check in and view live video anytime from anywhere. You can also view, greet, and talk with your visitors from wherever you are,or record a voice message. Also with Juan Cloud you can store thousands of videos clips and audio from your smartphone. Juan monitoring system, works with a team of professionals that are monitoring your property 24/7. The system kit also feature a smart doorbell that alerts you on your phone or electronic device that you have a visitor at the door. You can arm and disarm the alarm system from your smartphone. You can create a Juan circle to keep track of your family members. The prices of the services are from $10, $20, and $30.

Cristal Vision Camera

Cristal Vision Camera

Cristal Vision can be controlled from your smartphone. Cristal Vision has a beeper alert on the smartphone that will turn the lights on inside. There is no upfront costs. They sell a panic button remote, digital surveillance cameras video recorder, passive infrared motion, and carbon monoxide detector.

Dahua Camera

dahua camera

Dahuais claimed as the world’s smartest home security. The smart little device that can sense activity through the walls to keep you feeling safe. It alerts you if something unusual happens in your home. Dahua is pet friendly so you will have no false alarms. it one of the best home security system on the market.

Sony Camera

sony camera

Alerts your alarm system when you are leaving the premises so it can turn itself on and when you arrive home so it can turn itself off. The alarm system operates by having six components : HD wireless camera, motion sensor, microphone, accelerometer, temperature sensor, speaker and siren. It is a smart system that is affordable for everyone.



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