How to Install Security Cameras on a Two Story House

Security Cameras for House

Having a two-story house is great for the space and the comfort you get, but it may become a bit challenging when dealing with some new situations. Installing security cameras (kit camere supraveghere)  is one of the situations where you need to get creative and efficient without making too much mess in the house.

Some choose to use the attic for this scenario. If you’re lucky enough to have two closets (one on the top floor and the other one below), it’s quite easy. You just punch through the ceiling from the attic into the top closet, and then punch through the floor of the top closet, into the ceiling of the first floor closet. As for the cables, you should come down with them in unnoticeable places. You may find “wire mold” products that hide very well the running cables down walls and along baseboards.

Some even fish the cables into the walls, but you do need to get the special tools for your two-story house.

In case you have to come down the outside wall, it is easier to run the cables through the attic. Punch through all the cables down the outside wall in one spot. It looks better like this and you do not have to put in much ladder time. You may camouflage it as well if you like it better like that.

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